PC game testing services

As a leading PC Game testing service provider our goal is to help all studios, from indie to AAA to make sure the world of gamers will not need to experience another one of the unfinished, untested and bug-ridden games that are released every year.

We work with big games and long development cycles down to small indie studios with rapid iterations.

A great external QA team and testing strategy is what any game studio requires. We always want to help our customers to deliver a product that exceeds the end user expectations and experience.

browser game tester

Console game testing services

Northify provides testing and QA for Xbox, Playstation and Switch, so whatever console you are developing or porting your game to, we got you covered. We also keep up to date with new trends and hardware that is being released to make sure we can always provide cutting edge services, whether it is the Steam Deck or the next big unknown hit console.

As with all our work, our testing services for consoles are based on the industry’s best practices.

mobile game testing

Mobile game testing services

With experience on all platforms and testing titles across multiple genres we can cater to all types of requirements regarding Mobile Game Testing.

We provide Mobile Testing services ranging from automated testing and manual functionality testing for your app or mobile game.

What we offer


Functionality testing

Ad hoc / Explore testing
Black box testing
Smoke test
Regression test
Sanity testing
Automated testing


UI / Graphic testing

UI Interactions


Performance testing

Load testing
Stress testing
Network testing

Our testing procedure and plan

  • Introduction
  • Test strategy
  • Scope (In Scope, Out of Scope, Budget)
  • Test criteria (Entry-, Suspension-, Exit Criteria)
  • Roles and Responsibilities
  • Testing Procedures (Bug report, Approach/Method, Tools/Services)
  • Resources and Environment Needs (Test Environment)
  • Risks (Project Analysis, Risk Matrix, Product Analysis)
  • Test Schedule (Internal schedule, Milestones, Reporting)
  • External resources
  • Execution phases
  • Evaluation
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Our team has software testing experience on all major platforms and devices. We provide multi-platform QA game testing services from the prototyping phase through to after release.